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What We Believe at Chapel by the Sea

We believe in a God of Love. Through God's power,

a universe was created and continues to change and

evolve. Through God's unconditional and selfless love,

humanity was created.

We believe in Jesus Christ, who is the incarnation

of God. By the Holy Spirit, Christ was conceived and born

into this world. By human hands, Christ suffered and

was killed. By the plan of God, Christ has risen! 


We believe in the Holy Spirit, Who comforts us in our

distress, Who empowers us in our calling,

Who leads us through all life.

We believe the Scripture is a witness to the

Word of God, who is Jesus Christ (John 1).

The Bible is a library of books, poems and hymns

written through many people and over many years and

inspired by God for our teaching and training.


We believe faith and spirituality is best nurtured

through a community. In a church we nurture, comfort

and encourage one another.


We believe in the concept of sin that separates us from

the love of God, but more powerful than sin is the

Grace of God that comes to us through Jesus Christ.

Through Christ we can be made spiritually whole and

healthy and live a life in which nothing can separate us

from the love of God.


We believe in the purpose of life: To glorify God and

to enjoy Him forever. We are called to love, worship,

serve, and study God. We are called to love, accept,

encourage, assist, and teach others.

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