Our Session

The Session is the governing body of a Presbyterian Church.

Its members serve three-year terms.

Dr. Stephen D. Adkison, Moderator

Diane Means, Clerk to Session

Session Members


Emily Porter

Karen Swanbeck


Steve Fisher

Jack Garner

Stephen Light

Tom Means

Cassie Conrad

Clif Hart

Ed Milde


Session Committees and Responsibilities

Discipleship and Fellowship Committee

Oversee the programming of the church in the areas of nurture and fellowship.

Ed Milde, Chair

Finance and Stewardship Committee

Preparation of the church budget and monitoring of expenses.

Responsible for communicating to the congregation the

financial needs and opportunities.

Jack Garner, Chair

Personnel Committee

Provides support to the Sr. Pastor/Head of Staff in the supervision and support of church staff, determines and implements personnel policies and staff benefits as approved by the Session, works with the Finance and Stewardship Committee on salary administration, and provides guidance with respect to hiring and termination.

Tom Means, Chair

Facilities and Property Management Committee


Oversees the maintenance, safety, security and use of our furnishings, equipment, buildings, and grounds.

Steve Fisher, Chair

Mission and Outreach Committee

Provide a blessing to our neighbors beyond our church.

Offering support for mission activities and funding.

Sharing the Gospel of Christ through our words and actions.

Emily Porter, Co-Chair

Nominating Committee


Steve Fisher, Chair


Worship & Music Committee

Lead and assist the congregation in worshiping God.

Lois Doggett, Chair